What are the changes that Mice agencies are moving towards and why do they need to be equipped? 🧐

We can therefore clearly see today that travel planners in companies are at the heart of the tourist chain, thanks to social networks and the Internet, which allow them to remain totally in control of the realization of their trip. This is also how he gets to know the local agencies that have the opportunity to work independently of the entire chain of tourist actors.

Who are the tourism players who are evolving faster and faster on the Internet and how?

All sectors combined, online sales have grown considerably in recent years and now stand at nearly 100 billion euros in 2019 (92.6 billion in 2018) according to the FEVAD – Fédération du E-commerce et des Ventes à Distance. Indeed, in just ten years, Internet sales have grown exponentially by 675%. 38.8 million French people now …